Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Shocking Video - The plot thickens!

In my last post I discussed a short but shocking video of 2 men abusing a woman at a Korean club, and how it reflects on society in general. The video, fake or real, highlighted something that generally happens in one way or another across the world, and the responses from commentators on that Facebook page highlighted the age old problem of victim blaming that is still alive and well today.

 As of today, there are now allegations floating around that the video was staged in 2011 and all 3 of the individuals involved in it were paid actors. More information can be found in the comments section of the following article:


"This is a video made in Bedlam bar in Itaewon in January 2011. All the people were paid actors / actresses. The director is Korean and wanted to get famous for doing some edgy viral videos. This is one of them. He tried to release this over 2 years ago and nothing happened all the websites took it down for its graphic content. I know all this because I am one of the men in this video. I do not condone the actions that I did. But this was a paid acting job no one was hurt. The actress was wearing fake gums to make her teeth look bad and everyone left the shoot smiling and shaking hands. I have passed on this webpage to the director asking him to come forward. It is up to him if he wants to reveal himself. 2 and a half years ago he wanted this kind of fame I do not know if it will do his current career any good."

 This does seem to fill in many of the blanks in the video, though it does raise questions over just what exactly possessed the Irish man, American man and Korean woman to take part in this video in the first place. Surely the must have realized that this video plays right into the hands of the people who dislike foreigners and want to restrict the rights of women, no? I guess money trumps reason every time.

One for each of the trio of actors, if true.

 As I said before in my previous blog post, the video may very well have been staged (and sounds like it with this new claim), but it does unintentionally serve another purpose as it, and the controversy surrounding it are more or less a reflection on the way many men behave around women, as well as the victim blaming that those women face when incidents like the said video go viral on the internet.

That's just my thoughts on this issue.


Edit: And it has now been confirmed, the video was indeed staged.


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