Thursday, February 27, 2014

The BBC Tabloid, Courtesy of the Taxpayer

A short post here today, again related to the Scottish independence debate.

The BBC has, for a pretty long time, claimed itself to be impartial. It would continually justify its obscene television licence fees to taxpayers by claiming that its unique position, free from the media moguls such as Rupert Murdoch, Conrad Black, Richard Desmond, et al, meant that it could provide an impartial viewpoint that no other news outlet in the UK could match.

It was never particularly believable, a state run news organisation cannot be truly independent. However a great many people believed this to be the case anyway. The Scottish independence debate has shown a rather...interesting light on the BBC though. Rather than explain it, I'll let you make a conclusion here.

This is the statement from the Scottish Investment company, Standard Life:

It points out that they are registering companies outside of Scotland so that in the event of independence, they can transfer sections of their business there, to better serve the customers in that region(presumably England). This is not particularly newsworthy, given this is how they operate. Doing business in Ireland? open up an office there. Doing business in Hong Kong? Open up an office there. Presumably, in the event of Scotland and England separating, they'd have to do it anyway given that each country has its own subsidiary!

Now, lets look at the BBC's interpretation:
Scottish independence: Standard Life may quit Scotland

See the difference?

In other news, The Scottish independence website, Wings over Scotland, catches a very interesting double standard at the BBC. The above article is headline news, but a far more important article, that is actually relevant to the independence discussion is conspicuously absent.

The credit rating agency, Standard and Poor, produced a report, which raises some concerns about the Financial industry in Scotland(and thinks most of it should leave), but paints a picture that is overall quite positive, where even in the absolute worst case Scenario, the Scottish Economy would have a similar level of stability to that of New Zealand.

Obviously this is really important news, not just for people, but for businesses throughout Scotland. So then... where exactly is this hiding on BBC news?
Not here:
Or here:

Quite interesting, isn't it?

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